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Clerk: Ian Thompson.


01977 798884

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Chair: Cllr  Michael Britton


01977 708205

Find out what is happening on the Village Field and events including the Feast and Fayre, 5 Mile Run and the Bonfire and Firework display.

Details of the Parish Churches including Darrington, Wentbridge and Smeaton.

Details of the Village Stores opening times

Details of the Parish of Darrington.

Details of the golf course in Darrington and the venue facilities on offer.

Details of the hotel and dining facilities, Travel service, IT services and Kyte Virtual Assistance.

Find out more about the history and other fascinating details about the parish of Darrington.

Find out what is happening at local government level including planning applications.

Find out all the news from our local Junior and Infant school

4 star luxury hotel. Ideal for weddings, events  and luxury dining.

Find out where the walker are going next time if you want to join them.

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Darrington, Washington is a beautiful town of roughly 1,500 people located at the western base of the Cascade Mountains. Darrington is located approximately 74 miles northeast of Seattle and offers some of the most wonderful views and outdoor recreation opportunities in the United States.