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Clerk: Ian Thompson.


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Chair: Cllr  Michael Britton


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 The Parish Plan

This village plan was put together under the editorial control of the Parish Council; it encapsulates the hopes and aspirations of the people of Darrington


Ancient History

Recent History

Located in the heart of the Industrial West Riding of Yorkshire, Darrington is a village of some 2000 or so residents. It lies on the southern edge of the Vale of York 3 miles south of Pontefract, 12 miles north of Doncaster.  Read More…

The village of Darrington is truly ancient; a Roman Road is known to have passed through the Parish. There was a Church, Manor House, Farmsteads and Dwelling Houses here before the Norman Conquest.   Read More…

Up to the 1960’s Darrington remained a sparsely populated rural backwater reliant on farming and associated trades for its survival; the 1970’s saw expansion on a large scale, an area of parkland by the Old Vicarage was developed; the houses which were erected were high quality buildings with large gardens.   Read More…

The Village


Future Aspirations

The village of Darrington has 2 Hotels, 2 pubs and a restaurant.  There is an 13th century church and a unique  layout of the church buildings. There is a village shop for all the local needs and a part time post office within the community building known as the Reading Rooms. The Darrington C of E school is highly regarded.  Read More…

Preserving the essential rural quality of our village is our priority; to achieve this, building infill should be limited to areas where it does not encroach upon the few remaining public open spaces. All open spaces should be preserved; any planning authority should consider the impact upon this stated policy.   Read More…

A number of projects have been identified as realistic aspirations for improving our village these include the provision of a Village Hall for community activities.

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