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Darrington Walk Two - 4km

Take the same footpath as in walk 1. and as you turn left on to Back Lane turn right inside the hedge (5) the A1 still on your right. This is a new footpath that replaced the path that went diagonally across the field.

Continue for about 200 metres and you will come to a style through the fence and hedge (6) ,and onto a tarmac footpath along side the A1.

Continue north for about 20 metres you come to Spitalgap Lane on your left that has been blocked to stop traffic access (7).This is now a pleasant walk with no traffic for 1.6 kilometres.

Just after you get to the three metal posts used to block the road turn left on to Marlpit Lane (8) this will bring you back to the Village (1.3 kilometres).

When you reach the houses you can turn left on to Back Lane footpath  and this will bring you back to the A1 (1 kilometre)

 (5) Footpath inside the hedge

 (6) Style through the fence

 (7) Spitalgap Lane

 (8) Marlpit Lane