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Darrington Walk Five 3km

Walk under the flyover and follow the road to Womersley after 1 kilometre you see a small farm track on your left next to the boundary sign for North Yorkshire (10) ,there should also be a sign for the Leys footpath.

Walk down the track over the style (11) and follow the footpath to your right close to the edge of the field and the barbwire fence. The farmer sometimes has cattle or horses in this grass valley. Take care if the cows have calves, give them a wide berth, especially if you have a dog with you.

Keep the fence on your right and after 100 to 200 metres you cross a small culvert (12). Walk up the hill and at the top you will see Darrington Golf Course,there is a narrow path that goes to the right over a style (13), with hedges on both sides, if you do not want this route keep to the bottom of the valley, as this is the marked path on the Pathfinder map.

Whichever route you take you will come to the Leys Road,you can choose to turn left and follow the road back to the A1 slip road roundabout where you turn left again and return to your start point. Unfortunately Leys Road is narrow with blind bends and heavy lorries from Darrington Quarries, so you might choose to retrace your steps for a safer option.

The Leys Valley is a very attractive river valley although the river (14) has all but dried up and gone under ground, never the less it is well worth a gentle amble, bearing in mind its days may be numbered dependant on the route of the A1.

 (10) North Yorkshire sign

 (11) Leys style