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Darrington Garden Club

Darrington Garden Club started in 2008

We meet on the second Wednesday of the Month at The Kyte. 6pm to 7pm

Meetings are VERY informal and loads of fun (Always!) We discuss pretty well anything that's loosely connected with gardens - the list of topics is almost endless.

No subs - that's rightNO SUBS  but because the Kyte very generously allow us to use a room for free, we do expect people attending to at least buy a cuppa (£1) or a drink from the bar as a modest gesture of thanks to them.

Don't feel you have to attend each meeting to be a member. It doesn't work that way. Many folk do return after making a visit but you'll always be made most welcome whether you're a regular or an occasional 'drop-in' attender.

Over the years we've  built up quite an impressive 'fund' of shared experiences and knowledge.

None of us would pretend to be an expert and even though some very knowledgeable people attend, the tone of every meeting is always friendly, inclusive - and you're guaranteed to leave with at least a smile!

You may well leave with more, though! People attending often bring a 'spare' plant from their garden or a packet or two of no-longer-needed seeds or some gardening magazine and we always make time for a swap/exchange/sharing session towards the end of our meetings.

It's not compulsory, though for you to bring something to every meeting so don't feel pressured!

A typical meeting starts at 6pm at The Kyte.

One of our regular members arranges a (usually monthly) Garden Club meal at The Kyte - no obligation, of course, but it's usually on the Friday following a club meeting.

So, you see, looks like excellent value for the price of a cuppa!!!!

You won't be surprised to hear that we'll welcome people of ANY age and lots of gardening expertise or none. Our youngest member has been 10 and our oldest has been … well, a little bit older!!!

We've helped The Kyte by establishing their Herb Garden and also advising on their gardens.

We also host ( with the generous support of the Parish Council) the Garden Competitions in Darrington. We have an annual Garden Competition for anyone who has a garden in the Darrington Newsletter area and we have also run a youngsters' competition.

Phew!!! If you need any more information, please feel free to ring me.

Andy Tagger – Chairman: 704681

Darrington 2016 OPEN GARDEN Celebration 19th to 26th June

This year, Darrington Garden Club and Darrington Parish Council are backing a change to our Annual Garden Competition.

There are lots of lovely gardens in and around Darrington!

Some of you garden-owners have been rather too modest to enter a competition.

However, there’s a lot of support for the idea of having a non-competitive Open Garden Celebration, perhaps to support a local Darrington Project.

Please accept this invitation to take part in our 2016 Open Garden Celebration.

It’s FREE to take part!

We’re not talking ‘Stately Home Gardens’! This is all about the many gardens that are just nice places to relax and potter. This year is NOT a competition- just a chance to share!

YOU choose the day(s) and time(s) when you are willing to welcome visitors into your garden.

o It could anything for just one hour on, say,  Sunday 19th or it could be something like 2pm to 4pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. YOU decide.

WE (The Open Garden Organisers) will meet with you beforehand to give you an official ‘Open Garden’ notice that will be placed at your gate on the day/time when you are welcoming visitors.

o WE and YOU will chat about any concerns you may have. Rest assured, as you probably know, MANY villages and towns organize hugely successful and trouble free Open Garden events. This is our first time, though, so we’ll make sure everything is done to guarantee a successful event.

WE will include your address and your day(s) and time(s) in the Darrington Open Garden leaflet + plan as well as with Gail on the ‘central’ information board at Darrington Stores and on the Village Noticeboards.

The ‘Open Garden’ notice by your gate will make it clear when visitors will be welcome.   

We’ll invite visitors to contribute towards the ‘Open Garden Leaflet’. Any funds will be used to support the ‘Old Orchard’ Project in Darrington.

Questions? Andy Tagger (Chair Darrington Garden Club, Parish Councillor) 01977704681 or come along to our May Garden Club meeting at The Kyte, 11th May at 6pm

Interested in taking part? Please contact Andy or leave your name and details at Darrington Stores.

2015 Winning Garden - Claude Spencer 2015 garden by  Hayley and Denise Challand

2015 garden by Hayley and Denise Challand

2015 Winning Garden to Claude Spencer

2015 garden by John Harrison

2015 garden by John Harrison

2015 tithe barn garden by Hazel Crabtree

2015 tithe barn garden by Hazel Crabtree

2015 garden by Jackie and Trev.

2015 garden by Jackie and Trev.

2015 garden by Wendy Underwood

2015 garden by Wendy Underwood

2015 garden by Judith Walker

2015 garden by Judith Walker

March 2015

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